• Personal IBAN Account

    Experience financial freedom. And unlock the possibilities in a new financial Era of modern Fintech Payment Solutions

Unshackle the chains of constraint to a new way of financial freedom. 2Pay4You now offer a fully integrated bank account (IBAN) which will let you transfer globally, accept incoming funds, or simply transfer money in seconds from your bank account into your own multi-currency global e-account.

Along with the IBAN account comes a Mastercard Debit Card and Mastercard Virtual Debit Card

  • Online access 24/7
  • Send and receive globally
  • No restrictions on spending
  • Use your card globally wherever you see the Mastercard logo
  • Access to Mastercard Priceless Program

More Info

Deposits to your IBAN Account

You can deposit to your IBAN account by the following means, SEPA, Swift, PayPal, Credit Card, Sofort Banking and Giropay. In most cases funds will show on the account same day.

Multi-Currency Global

You can open up to 50 E-Accounts in different currencies to help organize your bookkeeping. Sending of funds between your own E-Accounts in the same currency is free.

Receive Your Salaries or Commissions

Receive your commissions and salaries from your employer or contractual partner.


Set up SEPA Direct Debits and bill payment services. Send payments to over 200 countries globally.

Automated Transaction Tracking System

2Pay4You also integrates an automated Transactional Tracking System for all incoming and outgoing transactions, which take place inside the 2Pay4You platform.

This system allows our individual and corporate clients to track in real-time incoming and outgoing transactions on their account.

Safety and Privacy

We do not share customer related data to any third parties, 2Pay4You is fully GDPR compliant and compliant with the UK data protection laws.