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    Experience financial freedom. And unlock the possibilities in a new financial Era of modern Payment Solutions

Gain the highest possible way of financial freedom. The 2Pay4You wallet solution with integrated banking accounts will let you transfer globally, accept incoming funds, or simply transfer money in seconds from your bank current account into your own new numbered account with 2Pay4you. You won't need your bank anymore.

Get secured numbered accounts and wallets with multiple payment options. Say good bye to stressful banks.

Multi Currency Banking Accounts

You will receive accounts from 2pay4you where you can easily do your daily payments via SWIFT or SEPA in and out.

Multi Currency Wallets

You can open up to 50 wallets in different currencies to help organize your bookkeeping.Sending of funds between your own wallets in the same currency is free

Receive Your Salaries or Commissions

Receive your commissions and salaries from your employer or contractual partner.

Lightning Fast Payment

Use the Sofort Banking system to transfer money in realtime and low fees from your European bank account into your wallets.

Automated Invoice System

For every incoming and outgoing transaction the system will generate an automated invoice to be sent to your email.

Safety and Privacy

We do not share customer related data to any third parties.



  • My payout which I made,was sent on the same day and I can use the funds on the next day. I was happier than ever.

    Edaurd S. | Swiss
  • Just awesome and powerful. We are using 2Pay4You for all our salary payments. It’s fast cheap and flexible in so many ways.

    Arnuard M. | France
  • I’m retired in Thailand. I use my 2Pay4You account as my Online-banking and I send often some funds from my SEPA account to my 2Pay4You account where they charge small fees for the currency exchange and withdraw it to my TH bank account.

    Detlev A. | Thailand
  • Their Live-Support helped me directly with the verification process, my issue was that the file size was to big for the upload so their Team just re-sized it and verified my account.

    Johanna A. | England